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Hyperbolic Mass gH 1kg

Hyperbolic Mass gH 1kg

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  • Anabolic

Container: 1kg

Servings: 6 servings ~ 2 scoops 150g


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Product Info


Hyperbolic Mass is an all-in-one mass gainer, designed for individuals with a fast metabolism. It contains an advanced amino acid formulation including the addition of Glutamine to aid in muscle repair, recovery and gains. Hyperbolic Mass is high in protein and contains a 5-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System to drive protein into glycogen stores. ?-Alanine is included in the formulation to boost performance and power. The Malted Chocolate flavour is not Halaal certified.

Creatine monohydrate: can help muscle cells produce more energy, can improve high-intensity exercise performance and speed up muscle growth. Di-creatine malate: highly soluble source of creatine that delivers cell volumising nutrients to every muscle in the body. L-glycine: a component of creatine, main amino acid in collagen, can protect against muscle loss. BCAAs: branched-chain amino acids used by the body in protein synthesis. Assists in muscle building and recovery. HMB (Beta-hydroxy betamethylbutyrate): protects and repairs muscle tissue. L-glutamine: reduces soreness and stiffness in muscles. Beta-alanine: speeds up muscle growth. Avena sativa: may improve mood, can relieve anxiety, may improve blood flow and may reduce inflammation.


Recommended Usage

As a nutritional supplement, start off by adding ±2 scoops (150 g) to 375-450 ml of cold water or full cream milk and then move onto ±4 scoops (300 g) with 750-900 ml water/milk (divided between 2 small shakers) after a week. Take a full 300 g serving once daily or as divided dosages. Use as a recovery drink post-training and/or in-between meals. Water may be substituted with 800 ml full cream milk, which will add +26 g protein and 2,4 g leucine per serving.

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