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Floral Nutrition

FN Mass Gainer

FN Mass Gainer

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  • Mass Gainer

Container: 1kg

Servings: 10 at 3 scoops (100g)



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Product Info

Floral Nutrition(FN) Mass Gainer is ideal combination of Whey protein, Vitamin and Mineral for Athletes who looking to fuel their Intense workouts to build Muscle. Digestive Enzymes: FN-Mass Gainer has extra digestive Enzymes, which help to promote better digestion. It’s a high-calorie weight gainer that helps you build mass and aids your muscles in recovery by accelerating growth. The balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates helps to provide enough calories to improve muscle size, increase in strength and increase in workout Period. FN Mass Gainer helps in boosting Energy and fuels muscle recovery. Boost Energy: Mass Gainer supplement helps to increase blood flow by relaxing the inner muscle of your blood vessels causing them to widen. This effect will give you added energy. They help you to build proper muscles with great looking shape and make you stronger and fit.

Recommended Usage

Add 3 heaping scoops (100g) to 300-350 ml of skimmed milk or cold water. Blend/shake it for 45-60 seconds to get a thick & creamy shake. Consume 1-3 protein shakes per day or as recommended by Nutritionist to build lean muscle mass. BREAKFAST: For an energetic start of the day. POST WORKOUT: Consume after 30-40 mins of your workout for best recovery. IN BETWEEN MEALS: To maintain positive nitrogen balance and to support high calorie diet. BEFORE HITTING THE BED: 45-60 mins before hitting the bed. It fuels muscle recovery through the night.

Notice / Warnings

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.

Pregnant lady, nursing, lactating lady, adolescents & elderly should consult dietician or physician before consuming this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not consume if suffering from any kidney disease(s), Drink a lot of water when you're consuming this product.

Store in cool & dry place.

Allergen Information: