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Floral Nutrition

FN Kids Protein

FN Kids Protein

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  • Whey

Container: 400g

Servings: 40 at ~ 1 scoop (10g)



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Product Info

Floral Nutrition kids protein is a wholesome child nutrition drink which supports growth and development of growing children. FN kids protein powder is one of the best vegetarian sources of protein for children.

This protein powder is a combination of natural extracts which gives a required nutrition and sufficient protein, carbohydrate, vitamins & minerals to the body of growing children.Protein powder helps in providing sufficient body growth, boosts immune system increases energy & stamina, mental performance.

This protein powder helps to strengthen the immune system (Zinc and Vitamin C), boosts growth, supports brain development, reduces fatigue and increases stamina.

Kids get 35% of daily protein and up to 100% of vitamins and minerals to enhance their growth and development and support optimal physical activity.

Recommended Usage

DIRECTION OF USE BY AGE: For 2-6 years add 2 scoop (20gm) per day in 200 ml milk, For 7-12 years add 3 scoop (30gm) per day in 200 ml milk, For 13+ years add 2 scoop (20 gm) twice a day in 200 ml milk. Stir until dissolved completely, it may take 3-5 minutes. Not to be used as infant milk substitute. For child above 2 years.

Notice / Warnings

Store in cool, dry and hygienic place. Protect from direct sunlight. Once opened, use the contents within a month. This product absorb moisture quickly so do not keep container open, close it immediately. Once opened consume product within 20 days.

Allergen Information: Not for children with lactose intolerance. Not for parental use. This product is not an infant milk substitute or infant food. To be used under the medical advice of a healthcare professional. Contains milk ingredients and soy.